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How it Works

Change your life in 5 minutes

Our events are organized so that you meet the kind of people you would like, but who you’re not likely to run into at some random club. Or coffee shop. Or your couch

(we’re looking at you, Scott).

How it works is, we give you five minutes of real live ‘Face Time’ with each of the participants at the event. It’s less a small talk “How about this weather” fest, and more a chance to make meaningful connections, whether romantically or as friends, in a safe and fun environment.


The Event

Your platform for potential love

Smartdate events aim to take the ease of online socializing and translating it to real life. Our functions are held at popular restaurants or bars and co-ordinated by one of our hosts who is trained to ensure everyone is comfortable and feels welcome. There’s no pressure, no anxiety, and you will leave feeling that you’ve connected with interesting people, and had fun doing it.


The Date

Make a connection that lasts

Our system caters for single people of various ages and professions, with a maximum of 15 participants per event and five minutes of ‘face-to-face’ time with each other. This is a great opportunity to learn more about someone you might end up having a real connection with. It’s amazing how the time limit eradicates everything that doesn’t matter and brings into focus everything that does.


The Connection

Taking it a step further

Smartdate incorporates an online matching system. The day after an event you will tick the names of people you would like to see again. If a person you’ve ‘matched’ has ticked your name as well, only then will you have access to each other’s contact details. So on the night of the event you can concentrate on having fun, and nobody feels rejected.