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There`s something to be said about imperfections posted 27 May 2014
There`s something to be said about imperfections Perfection is such a fickle term, largely ...
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Backwards dating posted 27 May 2014
Backwards Dating We live in an age where technology has made our lives a whole lot easier, ...
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Surviving silly season posted 07 November 2012
Surviving silly season when you’re single is easy! Here are my top 3 rules for survival: 1. ...
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Perceptions of "dating" changes in South Africa posted 31 May 2011
The last few weeks and months have been a time of great reflection for me. In years gone by I’ve ...
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Average Joe just wont cut it …. ….until you come back down to earth. posted 25 June 2010
The reality is: Average Joe just won’t cut it… unless you’re going to come down to earth. ...
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Courage, patience, perseverance, and a whole lot of love! posted 10 May 2010
In my line of work I meet people who may be recently divorced and are bravely attempting to ...
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Are you meeting enough new people? If so, how? posted 10 May 2010
I can’t enforce strongly enough how important it is to work hard on expanding your social ...
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Pictures paint a thousand words - but not in this case posted 21 October 2009
I listen to our matchmaker in anguish describe yet another rejection for a lady she has been ...
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One nights stands - the moral issues posted 18 August 2009
If you are a follower of the Christian Faith or any other religion, the rules are pretty clear ...
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One night stands - would you, could you, have you? posted 18 August 2009
Lets` put the morality discussion aside for a moment. Feel free to comment on the blog set up ...
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