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Are you fit to date? Part 1
Wednesday, 06 May 2009
I`m a believer in Feng Shui, albeit at a level of practical day to day living and my knowledge is limited. What I do know is that the principles of Feng Shui make good practical sense in day to day life and I`ve found a good link to dating fitness. Whether you think I`m onto something or that Feng Shui is for hippies, read on below the events, the concept will still apply to you.

I don`t believe we are always in the correct mental state to be with a partner or to be looking for a partner. I think we go through "readiness" phases. If you hook up with someone and you`re not mentally fit for a relationship, it is likely doomed. There are many, many factors that will contribute to your dating fitness. Jumping from relationship to relationship can be a sign that you are not fit to date and can be detrimental. The psychological reasons for this will be complex, and if you find yourself in a whirlpool of disastrous dating episodes, then I`d suggest some QT on a pstchologists couch to gain some personal insight.

At a higher level, Feng Shui may hold some of the answers. If you`re looking for a partner I interpret that Feng Shui principles suggest that you examine your life to see if anyone else could actually fit into it. Literally, I see this being applied practically as follows, is there space in your wardrobe for someone else`s clothes? Is your bed against the wall, and only you can get into the bed? Do you have so much going on in your life that you can`t actually find time to go on a date? Are your friends such a close knit group, that no-one else would be allowed and accepted in? The same might apply to your family.

When I was single, the answer to all of these things was "Yes"! Literally and figuratively I had no room for anyone else in my life. Once I made the changes to my lifestyle, things changed in my love life almost immediately. You may not believe in Feng Shui, but these practical principles have to make sense.

If after this you`re saying to me, yes, I`m genuinely open and ready for a new relationship, then consider if you might have swung off the other side? Are you so willing to snap someone up that they`re likely to disappoint you by not wanting to or being able to fit into your mould?

Bearing in mind the Feng Shui concepts, you do need to make sure that your heart and your home are in a position to accommodate a partner. It`s still all about Ying and Yang, you will need to adapt in some way at some point in time to make things happen the best way possible for you.

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