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Lets kick off with a little romance.....
Thursday, 02 October 2008
Summer is on the way and suddenly my brain has switched back in to mega social mode. I`ve been planning my own diary and the SMARTdate diary to the end of the year and there is a LOT to be excited about!

I am reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It`s a soul healing book, and it contains some very good basic notions.

When you have been truly "burned" in a relationship, you`re very likely a cyncic and the last thing you want to do is subject yourself to such intense emotional turmoil ever again. I think that it`s better to have been through this, than to never have had the opportunity to feel that way.

A passage in the book, says it so nicely. Liz is in Bali and due to leave to go back to the US in a month`s time. Felipe, a Brazillian man she has met says to her: "Maybe this is just some stupid romanitic South American idea, but I need you to understand-darling, for you, I am even willing to suffer.
Whatever pain happens to us in the future, I accept it already, just for the pleasure of being with you now. Let`s enjoy this time. It`s marvelous."

I think we all want some of that in our lives!

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