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Backwards dating
Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Backwards Dating

We live in an age where technology has made our lives a whole lot easier, yet at the same time it’s causing us to detach from human interaction. Companies are embracing the concept of ‘working from home’ and the term ‘meeting at the water cooler’ is fast becoming something of an urban legend. With Skype, email and instant messaging changing the way we interact, we grow accustomed to detaching, and showing up in person, becomes a bit of a chore. As a result, it is a lot less intimidating chatting and flirting with somebody online rather than getting out there and meeting new people in person. We hide behind our screens and expect love or friendship to magically find us there, sipping a hot chocolate in our comfy pants.
I’ve encountered numerous happy couples who have successfully met via the online route, but half of them admit to fibbing when asked where and how they came to meet. The point I’m trying to make is that the whole process is a tad backwards, whereby you get to know each other emotionally long before you meet face to face.
The single most important thing we fail to realise, is that chemistry still inhabits a large section of successful courtship. The funny thing about chemistry is that it only works when people meet face to face, no amount of typing or poking or witty banter exchanged via a keyboard will ever come close. So often we show up to a potential blind date hoping the person on the other end matches the illusion we’ve created in our heads. Unfortunately, it seldom works that way and most often we leave feeling rejected or deflated.
Speed dating radically remedies this and offers an alternative to modern-day-dating. You get to spend actual time with an actual individual in a safe environment, and you get to dress up for it! Whether or not you end up meeting someone for romantic or professional liaisons becomes irrelevant, the fact that you got up and showed up means that you’re opening yourself up to new experiences. That there should make it all worth it, so be sure to sign up for the next event in your area, who knows what could happen.
If you’ve been on the online dating scene and would like to share your views, please leave a comment, it’s always great to get some feedback.

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