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Are you meeting enough new people? If so, how?
Monday, 10 May 2010
I can’t enforce strongly enough how important it is to work hard on expanding your social circle.

My mission is to create opportunities for you to meet new people. I’m delighted when you meet someone to date, and it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling when I hear that someone has been married as a result of meeting at our events, but I really, really love it when someone tells me they met their best friend at an event. Ultimately it means you meet all of their friends, and then all of their friends. So instead of aiming to meet one guy or girl at an event, you’ve met loads of new people, as well as made a good solid friendship.

Here are some ways that I’ve noted as good ways to meet new people:

1) Attend a cooking class or a wine making class or start a part time university course with regular lectures to attend.
2) Join a sports club. If you are not the sporting kind, most clubs have a social membership as well, but it helps to play the game!
3) Get fit. This will give you something to talk about. Running clubs, bowls teams, yoga are all good ways to get the mind into shape. Lots of people dislike the gym, and there are lots of things to do that don`t require gym membership. Just do something that gets your heart beating faster!
4) Go for a walk every evening at the same time, you will soon start to see the same people, and this will give you cause to strike up a conversation.
5) If you have a dog, take your dog for a walk to a nearby park every day at the same time.
6) Create a dinner group – once a month invite two friends for dinner and ask both people to bring along someone you haven`t met. Don`t insist on someone of the opposite sex. It`s merely about expanding your social circle.
7) Volunteer for a cha`rity on a regular basis. Once a month would be fine, but try once a week, and you will very quickly meet other people
8) Attend SMARTdate events. Here you can be assured you will meet people who also want to meet people!

I look forward to seeing you at an event very soon!

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