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One nights stands - the moral issues
Tuesday, 18 August 2009
If you are a follower of the Christian Faith or any other religion, the rules are pretty clear about whether one night stands are right or wrong. They are wrong!

However, maybe you are a believer but your view is slightly different. Let`s hear it.

Is it a NO, NO - never, ever. Or are there circumstances when this is okay?

1 it depend with the cercumstances you find yourself in. life is unpreidictable. lot of guys from the bible did one night stand. david was one of them.
Added By: mash mellow - Friday, 11 December 2009
2 I have this vague recolection that the Bible also teaches you not to judge, so dont enforce your reality on other people and dont judge them, oh righteous one ! ! ! ! ! I thonk the actual problem is you`re to scared and are jealous of those who arent Personally I prefer the "friends with benifits" scenario, I never perform at my best on the 1st night anyway, and neither does she.
Added By: Rich Bryson - Friday, 19 March 2010
3 I disagree with you Strongly,, concerning King David. You should do your homework before you post such things online. What bible are you reading? King David did not have a one night stand, he commited adultery with a woman who was married. With all Respect to King David, it is a man with faults, a Man that I love who showed me that we ALL have faults ad make mistakes... But he was a man who made things right, amd married Bathsheba, I think he truely loved her, even though she ws another mans wife. ____________and paid a very costly price because of his actions, but in the end it was all good, and Solomon came outof that mairrage... if it was a one night stand...like we all know what it is today = Fornication and lustfull gratification, and then goodbye. Why then did he waste his time to marry the woman?? - which brings me to this point... a one night stand is weakness in morals and a very selfish selfcenterd and dangerous act... based on my faith, It does not depend on the circ
Added By: Napoleon_ixv - Friday, 25 June 2010
4 it`s crazy to think a one night stand is just fornication and lust. Or instant gratification. It can be a wonderful connection where two are together being selfish (yes) and who is to judge but God. And so it doesn`t work out and the next day you re-think and say no to another date. Admittedly there are risky health issues in casual sex like a o.n.s so be careful.
Added By: Alex Smith - Monday, 28 June 2010
5 Alexa - you don`t know what youtalking about you confused, initially you say its okay how can itbe seen as lust full, then you agree with me (that its a Selfish deed) - then you say one needs to be carefull - for AIDS if I may mention that - Worst case scenario... So _______what are u really saying GIRL.. that u like being used as a PORN -star... NSA... just as long as you don`t get sick - So what does it profit u... basically termed as a (Hole) :-) __thats the risk some of you ladies take,,, make up ur mind...lol!!
Added By: Napoleon_ixv - Monday, 28 June 2010
6 mmmmm Napolean, are we getting a little hot and bothered there or what? We ALL need to be careful of STD`s, even those "married" people. ONS are risky, yes, but are they worse than the stress of a bad marraige, if carried out responsibly. As long as both sides understand there are no promises of everlasting "bliss" whats wrong? Which is worse, a ONS or sitting at home with a porn mag or video and ..........
Added By: Rich Bryson - Thursday, 16 September 2010
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