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Empowering men
Tuesday, 21 July 2009
I spend a lot of time writing about being single and the dating game and being of the female variety, my views are generally a tad biased.

So I write today with this with men of SMARTdate in mind.

I understand that in some areas of life, men require empowerment as well. I tell you that all any women wants is someone who will love her.

1) Be realistic
o About who you are (not everyone can be Brad Pitt and not every women is Agelina Jolie)

o You are who you are

o You are not destined to be with every women on the planet. There is only one Angelina Jolie.

2) Don`t fake it – you wont make it
o Get across the real you, give people (women) the opportunity to find something to like about you. Be straight, no BS.

3) Find the Alpha male in you
o You don`t need to be the Alpha male all the time but it`s quite important when you first engage a ladies attention. In fact if it`s not who you, dro`p the act pretty quickly BUT you must make an effort in the beginning to make the first call, arrange the first date, pay for the first date etc. If you like her, you need to make an effort.
o This is not because every women wants a man who is dominant all of the time. It`s because every women wants to feel that if the time comes, you could look after her.

4) Drop the pick up lines (hi, what`s your name) is a far better start! That includes any tricks you may have read in an "Player" type books.
o Women don`t need to be tricked or conned into liking you, if you are who you are, you will be liked.
o Work on our conversation skil`ls

5) For every women who knocks your approach back, there are 100 more who wish you would have talked to them. There is a Scottish saying, "What`s for you, wont pass you",

6) Be generous. Not with money, but with attention, love, cha`rm and patience.

7) Seek confidence within yourself

8) You don`t need to grovel for the women who will love you. Move onwards and upwards.

Raise your game, it will pay off in the long run.

1 What`s sad though, is that many of my guy friends say that we need to be "jerks" to get womans attention/attraction. And they`ve got 101 "techniques" to win the girl over. Funny thing is, they only have lots of short relationships (mostly lasting only one night), and never a long fulfilling one.
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